Baja 2010 1000 (rumors, inuendo, fact)

This is what I have heard.

1. Leave Ensenada

2. Ojos Negros

3. North of Tres Hermanos

4. K76

5. In towards Santa Catarina

6. Come down either on the staircase on the highway or just before onto the highway

7. Highway to San Matias Pass

8. Either run down Diablo Dry Lake or take the trail to Borrego, Three Poles, (basically run backwards toward San Felipe.

9. Down “Old San Felipe Rd” to

10. Puertecitos

11. Stay on Highway (new) to almost Gonzaga, then turn to

12. Coco’s Corner

13. El Crucero

14. Bahia Los Angeles, South

15. San Rafael Camp

16. Just east of Los Arcos

17. Highway to San Ignacio

18. West to San Juanico

19. La Purisima to

20. Loreto

21. Mission San Javier

22. Insurgentes

23. West of Ciudad Constitucion

24. Near Santa Rita

25. Punta Conejo

26. And back to La Paz
10/03/2010 SCORE releases Prelim. Course Map..map says 1050 miles..

2010 baja Prelim. Course Map

I’ve been looking at the map and a ton of old notes and my best guess for 1,050+ comes out to 1,073:

107 Valle de Trinidad
122 San Matais
178 San Felipe
235 Puertecitos
298 Coco’s
327 El Crucero
376 Bay of LA
512 On the pavement south of Vizcano
550 San Ignacio
660 San Juanico
780 Loreto
851 Santo Domingo just north of Insurgentes
958 Santa Rita
1,073 La Paz

GPS course is to be released in ~4 days…

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