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juanroberts: Can you please explain how you got this track? Did you use Google Earth, or an actual GPS? If the latter, did you do it on foot, mule, etc? What type of transportation can actually make it through this “track”?

There was 6 of us that did it and 2 that turned back. Of the 2 that turned back 1 was a good rider on a yz450f with the 4 speed tranny so he had geared it up for Baja. He turned back because he was going to burn up his clutch before too long. The other guy who turned back was a C rider and was having a lot of difficulty so that went south past Coco’s and back up to Catavina.

The rest of us made it. We were on 2 WR450F’s, 2 XR650R’s, 1 DRZ400, and a KTM450EXC.



google earth comparison


MORE INFO ON THIS ROUTE (Courtesy of BajaSeve

We made our way to Catavina, but only for a gas stop. We then headed east again to check out the ruins of the 1780 mission at Santa Maria, buried in a canyon with an oasis of water for water supply. It was the last Franciscan mission built before they were expelled from Baja California. The route is a very rocky 2-track trail that was originally bulldozed in the 1960’s as an attempt to cut a road to Gonzaga Bay by the owners of Rancho Santa Ynez. The attempt failed, now leaving a gnarly 14 miles of fun stuff for those wanting to check out the oasis and mission ruins. The last 1/4 mile descent into the oasis has been called “widow-maker” or “rock-rock slide” by a few. Incidentally, the original El Camino Real, the steep burro trail the missionaries used to travel between missions, leaves the arroyo and continues to descend to Gonzaga. Bill Nichols has looked at this and has determined it is un-rideable, but Kevin Ward has made the ascent from the opposite side. Considerably more difficult than Rockman.

route comparison

route comparison

bogus track link
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