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cro-mo welding

Opinions on better brands of filler or on which type of rod. There was a thread awhile ago about tig filler for chromoly with a lot of info in it. As for brands Harris, Lincoln, Hobart, Mckay, and Washington Alloy are all good companies. I personally deal almost always only with Washington Alloy because you can order almost any type of rod in 1 lb tubes. Say you have a small Titanium or Inconel job Harris will make you buy ten pounds but washington will only make you buy one pound so you dont have to waste money. Plus they are local in Rancho Cucamonga. As for what grade or type of filler. I have all kinds. I have 4130, 70s-2, 70s-6, 80d-2, 308, 309, 312, 316, 321, 4043, 5356, 6061, some Ti, Sil Bronze, Super missle and probably a bunch that I am forgetting. I have all of those in each size from .035 up to 1/8″ on each, Adds up to a whole trash can full of tubes. The more I have the better so when I need it its right there and I dont have to order it,

super missle weld is a brand name of a filler rod by Harris. it’s similar to a 312 series. s/s high nickel.
welds really smooth and leaves a nice golden finish when not over heated. great for dissimilar metals. runs about $65/lb iirc.

here’s some spec from welco’s site:
Applications: WELCO SUPER MISSILEWELD is particularly advantageous when the alloy
content of the steel to be welded is unknown. This unique electrode is so versatile that its
applications are virtually too multiple in number to specify. For years, it has been a maintenance
and repair “stand-by” in every industry throughout the world.
Features: Tensile strength – Up to 120,000 psi
Yield strength – Up to 85,000 psi
Ductility – Up to 35% elongation in 2″
Hardness as deposited – 200 to 300 Brinell
Work hardens
Impact resistance – Excellent
Heat resistance – High
Frictional resistance – Excellent
Abrasive resistance – Mild
Will not respond to heat treatment

found some sites with some great pricing on it while looking for the specs

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